Compiled, Reviewed & Audited Financial Statements

Many small and not-so-small businesses need compiled, reviewed, or audited financials prepared by a CPA. The statements may be used for bank financing, securing supplier credit, preparing for potential sale of the company, or other purposes. Our managing partner has decades of expertise in this area, and has regularly been asked to teach other CPAs the ins and outs of preparing these key documents properly. Significantly, many financial institutions in our market trust the integrity of our work, which can be an advantage to our clients as they build and nurture banking relationships for their businesses.

Small Business Financing

Successful small business financing starts with relationships and trust. Our strong working relationships with area bankers can be an important asset for our clients when they're exploring financing options. Our managing partner has sat on the Board of Trustees of the Lake County Economic Development Council – an organization that exists to support area businesses.

Individual & Business Tax Preparation & Planning

With more than three decades of tax experience, our firm has exceptional tax law expertise. We're especially good in helping our clients leverage those laws to their best advantage. We deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service when problems arise. Our managing partner has taught college level Federal Income Tax classes for many years.

Trust & Estate Tax Planning

We can help advise you on the appropriate uses of trusts, and can review your estate for potential tax problems. We have worked with many attorneys to help clients develop a comprehensive estate tax plan that maximizes family benefit and minimizes exposures. We also have expertise in the preparation of estate and trust tax returns.

Quick Books Certified

Quick Books can be an efficient tool for managing and monitoring critical day-to-day numbers that are the lifeblood of any small business. Our team includes a Quick Books-certified individual with extensive expertise and experience relative to this popular software. She is an excellent resource for our clients who need occasional Quick Books training and coaching.

Rental Property Issues

Our firm has deep expertise and experience relative to residential and commercial rental property. We can assist in evaluating opportunities, obtaining financing, and setting up appropriate depreciation methods for the property or its components. We also regularly help clients who are selling properties navigate the complex web of relative IRS tax laws

Manufacturing Operations/Cost Accounting Systems

For more than three decades our managing partner has been a trusted and valued resource for small and medium-sized manufacturing firms. We're thoroughly versed in manufacturing tax and accounting issues, and we're experts in costing procedures.

Condominium Association Issues

Our firm currently represents twenty condominium associations. Our services include preparation of annual financials, calculation of the two methods for taxing associations, assisting board members with budgeting, explaining the association's financials at annual meetings, expert witness testimony on condominium accounting/tax issues, review of proper cash controls, and assistance with the new Ohio laws affecting associations. The leading condominium law firm in our market regularly refers clients to us.

Management Consulting

Our managing partner regularly teaches college-level business and management classes, and has conducted operational audits at many small and medium sized companies. His expertise and experience is an important part of what our clients value in our firm.